October Update

You see, I'm not telling the exact reasons why bc it is way too personal, but in short I've moved on and I can't get my pc back, nor the data stored in it.

I could use the laptop but my room is a serious mess right now. I have to order my stuff to draw with the laptop.

Infact, I'm not writing this with the laptop, but with an old pc I found. which can barely handle the web browser, hell, it even has a floppy drive!
For writting is cool, but with other stuff...

At first I wanted to upgrade it, but because everything in it is basically obsolete, I would have to replace every component, and it simply doesn't worth it.
So I'll have to make a new pc from scratch, getting the pieces over time.

So for now I think I'll focus more on writing rather than drawing.
And fun fact, I saved it on a floppy disk lmao.

Welp, that's all for today!
This is Juan Games, and I'll see you guys in the next post, cya. \( ̄O ̄)