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I need some sleep

To be honeest, I don't even know where to start with this.
As y'all may know sleep is essential to be a functionally capable human being, without it, we wouldn't have the rest we need to regenerate our sanity.

June Update

Huh, it's been a long time since I last wrote a post or even worked on this website at all. To be fair, a lot of stuff has happened to me irl: I had to attend to legal stuff (specially paperwork), my birthday was on may 4th...

2023... Yeah, about that...

I'm gonna be honest, I have no idea on how to start this blog post, the proof being that I took a whole damm week to even start writing this. Hell, I'm finishing this on a February 15th.

I feel like I have this blog a little abandoned, and kinda lost some motivation to keep improving it. Months ago, I promised I would do a couple of things like redrawing the banner, changing the comment system etc.

But I ended up forgetting about it and procrastinated with this post...

(Mid) November Update.

Hey there! I'm back with another monthly update, now with an actual excuse about why I forgot to write this earlier XD.

The reason of why I haven't drawn much, is becaus I've been focusing with my personal projects, such as my education (yes, IK it sounds cliché but it's true lol).

So yeah, I don't have as much time to draw nor work on this blog as I had before.
But if you wanna know how I'm doing rn, I'm fine. Infact, I'm better than I've eber been, and I really know what I want to do with my life from now on...

October Update

You see, I'm not telling the exact reasons why bc it is way too personal, but in short I've moved on and I can't get my pc back, nor the data stored in it.

I could use the laptop but my room is a serious mess right now. I have to order my stuff to draw with the laptop.

Quick Mid-September Update

As you read in the title, this is just a quick post, cuz I seriously have no news to share except the new post grid.

Besides that, I've been fine, just have to make a new banner and polish some minor stuff. Cya.

August Update

Hey there! Welcome to the August update!
This time I started writing the post beforehand haha.

But for real tho, this time I actually have some news to share. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

First of all, I decided to delete the forum, I realized than is useless for an amateur artist's website...

July Update

Hey!... I'm back with another post...

Yeah, I wanna apologize for not writing an update for the month of june...

Let's work together to fix the TF2 bot crisis!

As many of you probably know already, Team Fortress 2 is facing a massive bot problem, whose goal is to ruin the fun for everyone.
This hackers who make countless accounts letting a bot play the game, usually picking sniper with aimbot so they can insta-kill you, are making the game unplayable in official Valve servers...

(Mid) May Update

What's up everybody on the internet?

Basically everything went perfectly, the surgery was a success and I'm recovering at home.
The best part is that I can be drawing all day long so I get enough practice for commissions (which will be probably open in june-july)...

Important News

What's up everybody on the internet?

As I mentioned in my last post, I said I was going to get a heart surgery, you guys remember?
Well, I recieved the call from the hospital telling me when I'm going to get operated. It will be this april 19 in the morning...

April Update!

Another month, another update.

This time I have very important news (not an april fools joke). From here to a couple of months I will have a heart operation, I will tell you when I get hospitalized so you know I won't be drawing or working on the website...

How me and my friend almost got high

As the title says, one time me and a friend almost got high when we were going back from school.
Everything has a logical explination and nowdays is just a story of the many others I have to tell. Of course we didn't get high for real, and I seriously DO NOT encourage anyone to do drugs...

My first entry...

Hello, welcome to my blog. The truth is, I have no clue of what I'm doing.
My sleep schedule is screwd and I'm writing this with a coffee in hand after being awake the whole night while lisening to FNF music.

Well, I had to start the year somehow.